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Advising for Career Planning, Educational Paths, and Writing Projects

Individual Counseling and Coaching 

Group Seminars and Workshops
Project Management and Consulting

Writing Coaching Services

Book Marketing Consulting



Award-winning Author, fiction and non-fiction

Veteran Educator and Administrator 

Certified Professional Career Coach

Educational Leadership Certificate

College Counseling Certificate

M.A., Ph.D., History

B.S., Media Arts Management

With extensive experience in business and education and a proven track record in marketing, sales, management, start-ups, educational administration, college advising, college admissions, and career coaching, let my unique background and versatile skill set help you or your organization identify and set goals and create an action-orientated strategic plan to turn those goals into accomplishments.


  • One-on-one career advice and coaching for career entry, advancement, or exploration 

  • One-on-one educational advice for postsecondary to postgraduate degree and certificate programs

  • Workshops and seminars in college or career advising for groups and institutions

  • Project management and contracted services for start-ups and business expansions

  • Writing coaching and indie publishing advice (note: no editing services)

I first met Dr. Bonnie Traymore when she was a panelist at the Private Schools with a Public Purpose conference. I was instantly drawn to her passion for educational equity and knew that she was someone I wanted on our team. After several conversations, I hired Bonnie to build and lead a postsecondary pathways program for our graduates of the KA'I Program, a long term educational enrichment program for economically-disadvantaged, first-generation youth. During her 5 years with us, Bonnie greatly enriched our program with her wealth of experience and created a highly-effective postsecondary support program. From working intensively with our students on college and scholarship applications to mapping out educational pathways to providing career counseling, Bonnie's guidance was always spot-on. I highly recommend her as an adviser and project manager.

Allison Blankenship
Director, The KA'I Programs at 'Iolani School

Dr. Traymore’s role as my college and career counselor was paramount to my success both during high school and during college. During my senior year of high school, Dr. Traymore provided frequent guidance throughout the college application process. With her help, I was able to craft a college application that landed me into Stanford, which was a hugely important accomplishment for me as a first-generation college student from an underprivileged high school. Even during my Stanford years, Dr. Traymore never failed to reach out to provide career advice and personal resume workshops. Thanks to Dr. Traymore, I am now on track to graduate from Stanford with a bachelors in computer science and with a future career in software engineering. I give Dr. Traymore my highest recommendation for anyone seeking college or career guidance.

Brian Zeng
Software Engineer, Meta

For the past twenty years or so, Bonnie became someone I called when seeking advice. In her conversations with students, including my own daughter, she not only focused on college entry but what students were thinking about in terms of their careers and what was good for their parents’ pocketbooks. I also sought her advice for my PUEO program, a program of over 300 students with a mission of getting kids into college. Bonnie has a different lens than most traditional academic counselors and her advice has proved really astute. Perhaps most importantly, I knew that I could trust Bonnie's advice as being first rate, so I always listened carefully to everything she said.

Dr. Carl Ackerman, Author

A Success Story in Public Education:

The Clarence TC Ching PUEO Program at Punahou School

I can speak first hand to Bonnie’s leadership skills after teaching in the Pinewood School Social Studies department and for Peninsula Bridge under her direction. Bonnie was laser efficient in the day to day responsibilities needed to run the Bridge program successfully. Throughout, Bonnie was supportive of the staff, encouraged collaboration and was diplomatic yet firm when dealing with any issues which arose. I watched Bonnie handle her leadership roles with confidence and success. I have yet to find a teacher who doesn’t love working with and for her. She has continued to offer valuable career advice to me even after we both moved on from Pinewood, and she has excellent insight about how to change positions or career paths as well as a wealth of knowledge about the education field.

Mary-Kate Greenberg
Mid-Career Professional

Bonnie is an incredibly talented coach and a wonderful mentor with so much patience and compassion. As a mid-career professional looking for growth and new opportunities, I struggled with defining my goals and felt overwhelmed in trying to find the right path for my career. Bonnie was completely undaunted by this challenge and worked tirelessly with me to build my confidence so that I could move forward. She helped me to clarify my thoughts and pinpoint exactly what I wanted from my career that would align with my strengths and values. Bonnie has a natural talent for assessing the areas I most need to work on and is extremely passionate about developing a plan of action that is manageable and easy to follow. She is always positive, reassuring and insightful. I highly recommend Bonnie for her services to anyone who is looking to transform and better their career.

Honolulu-based client
Mid-Career Professional

Dr. Traymore served as an excellent postsecondary counselor. She would spend countless hours working with me during my college application process and went above and beyond what is expected of her during my college career. I greatly appreciate everything Dr. Traymore has done for me in following up with us consistently to check-in and ensuring that we were continually prepared for our next postsecondary steps. Whenever I needed help with resumes, interview services, and internship applications even throughout college, she was always someone I could depend on. She is an intelligent, highly experienced educator who accomplishes all of her tasks with  great initiative and a positive attitude. Thank you, Dr. Traymore, for all of your time and effort!

Britney Chang
Staff Assistant, United States Senate


Honolulu, Hawaii


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